Frameworks for a Better Life


  1. Saurabh and Anupam on The Victory Project, Becoming The Virat Kohli Of Your Profession, On How To Find Mentors, and Much More


  1. Books Read
  2. A Collection of Quotes
  3. Links To Timeless Advice

Thoughts & Notes

  1. Good Questions Bad Questions
  2. Zoom Out
  3. The Victory Project: Six Steps to Peak Potential (book)
  4. Finding Meaning, Countering Sadness and Pursuing Success in Quotes
  5. The Week That Was
  6. Doing Some Good In The World
  7. What I Learnt About Power And The Importance of Law
  8. How To Invest In A Crisis (book)
  9. How To Find Purpose In Life
  10. Embrace Boredom, Read, Reflect And Experiment
  11. One Thing Leads To Another
  12. Helping Feels Good
  13. Management Includes Supervision
  14. Grieve But Become Stronger
  15. The Golden Coronavirus Opportunity
  16. Cricket Notes From The Test: A New Era For Australias Team (docu-series)
  17. Principles That Can Help You Survive Grief
  18. The Grandfather And The Plate
  19. McMillions Teaches Us A Lot About Human Nature (movie)
  20. Wit And Humor Trumps Good Looks
  21. It Is Tolerance Not Just Acceptance
  22. How Does It Feel To Get Everything You Ever Wanted
  23. Are You A Victim Or A Survivor
  24. Write Down Things That Question Your Belief
  25. Why Did Steve Jobs Sell To Bob Iger?
  26. Constantly Experiment With Small Reversible Bets
  27. Do What Is Right Not What Is Easy
  28. Leadership Is Underrated
  29. Pick Your Comfort Zone
  30. Know When You Have Enough
  31. Being Sober Is A Competitive Advantage
  32. Learning from legendary investor Charlie Munger (video)
  33. Learning about self acceptance and relationships from Brene Brown and Tim Ferriss. (podcast)
  34. Stop Eating For 72 Hours
  35. What Is The Reason Behind The Reason?
  36. Learnings From The Tim Ferriss Show (EP 408) (podcast)
  37. Get Supermans Energy Source Sunlight
  38. Have To Work
  39. Get A Standing Desk
  40. Work For Progress
  41. Have A Purpose
  42. Have Proactive Rituals
  43. Switch Off By Leaving Your Phone Behind
  44. Be Self Aware
  45. This Is Water (video)
  46. Learning From Billionaire Dealmaker Sam Zell (podcast)
  47. Write First Thing On Waking Up
  48. Be Patient
  49. Observe Your Uncertainty
  50. Learning From Bob Iger, The CEO Of Disney (podcast)
  51. Give Eye Contact
  52. Face To Face Is Better To Expedite Partnerships
  53. Experience Different Cultures
  54. Learning From Penn Jillette (podcast)
  55. Get The Incentives Right And Hold Someone Accountable (movie)
  56. The Need To Show Off
  57. Imagine The Top You Will Never Get To
  58. Leave A Little
  59. Honesty Is The Best Policy
  60. Reality Does Not Care
  61. Dont Compare
  62. Do An Act Of Kindness For A Stranger
  63. Just Ask For What You Want
  64. Your Time Is Up
  65. What You Control
  66. Stick Your Neck Out
  67. Get A Fresh Perspective
  68. Connecting With Family
  69. Hosting
  70. You Are Selfish
  71. Satnam Singh vs Lionel Messi (movie)
  72. Sitting At The Top
  73. Confronting Fear Is The Way Of The Jedi
  74. Managing Expectations
  75. Learning From Gary – The Person Who Created The Worlds Largest Real Estate Franchise (podcast)
  76. See Things For What They Are
  77. Low Expectations In Relationships
  78. Shared Incentives
  79. Talking About Politics
  80. Change Your Mind
  81. What Do You Want
  82. Breaking Away From The Past To Live In The Present
  83. Just Do Not Respond
  84. The Narcissistic Pull Of Social Media
  85. The Charging Station Solution
  86. The Invisible Vibe
  87. Learning From Adam Grant (podcast)
  88. Optimism
  89. Eustress
  90. The Hidden Value Of Education
  91. The Cards You Have Been Dealt
  92. The Value Of Moments
  93. The Hypocrisy Of Parenting
  94. Exercise Everyday For Brain Health
  95. Partnerships
  96. Express Yourself
  97. The WAIT Principle
  98. 30x Your Money From An Unprofitable Business
  99. Living With and Without Amazon
  100. Progress or Regress
  101. Direct-to-customer is the holy grail
  102. Use decision making process to avoid mistakes
  103. Sachin Tandon – From Cambridge, Harvard, MIT to PwC, WPP and StarTech Enterprises
  104. Educated: The International Bestselling Memoir (book)
  105. When Breath Becomes Air (book)
  106. Turning The Flywheel (book)
  107. Tiger Woods (book)
  108. Fanatical Prospecting (book)
  109. Can’t Hurt Me (book)
  110. 12 Rules For Life (book)
  111. How To Build A Business Warren Buffett Would Buy (book)
  112. The Captain Class (book)
  113. 20 Lessons from Benjamin Franklin (book)
  114. Tell To Win (book)
  115. Why You Should Not Post On Social Media
  116. Don’t Let Your Mind Jump To Conclusions
  117. 2016 Review
  118. To Quit Or To Persist?
  119. Cry But Then Move On
  120. Yesterday Was Awesome, Today Was Broke, Tomorrow Will Be
  121. If You Are Responsible Then Your Ass Is On The Line
  122. Do You Really Believe In Yourself?
  123. Embrace Fear Like AB De Villars Does
  124. Why I Spent 1,25,708 INR On Courses
  125. Do You Have Courage?
  126. What Should You Do When Everything Fails?
  127. Here Is Why You Will Never Enjoy Your Success
  128. What’s The Worse That Can Happen?
  129. Why You Wasted Your Money On Education
  130. 14 Nuggets To Take You Towards Your Mountain (video)
  131. The Iterative Process Is Progress
  132. Discussion vs Argument
  133. The Game Of Success vs The Game Of Contribution
  134. If You Are Not A Dirty Person Then Why Do You Litter?
  135. You Need Advisors
  136. Why I Am Spending Over 20,00,000 INR on CricHub
  137. Use The Damn Phone
  138. The Day Is The Same. You Make It Good Or Bad
  139. Win-Win vs Win-Lose
  140. The Tripod of Stability
  141. Enemies Make Better Allies Than Frenemies
  142. Shallow vs Deep Relationships
  143. I Made My Mom Cry
  144. Progress Over Perfection
  145. Do The Rich Make You Cringe?
  146. AMC – Activate, Meditate, Calibrate
  147. Disagreements In Your Relationships Are Awesome
  148. The Coolest Non-Tech Equipment
  149. The 6pm Rule
  150. How Are You Doing?
  151. The People Who Piss You Off
  152. The Power of Titles
  153. Why Business Is Better With Connection
  154. Keep It Simple
  155. When Winning Becomes A Default
  156. In Order To Lead You Must Follow
  157. The Art Of Letting Bad Things Happen
  158. Democracy
  159. Momento Mori
  160. Results versus Process
  161. Virat Kohli
  162. The Philosopher vs The Philosopherologist
  163. 10 Principles That Can Change Your Life (podcast)
  164. 1 Year Old Working Out
  165. Try It Before Making Up Your Mind
  166. Why Brand
  167. The Habit Default
  168. Locke (movie)
  169. Customization vs Limitation
  170. I Will Not Die Here
  171. Your Need For Novelty
  172. Communication Can Make or Break You
  173. Your Daily Rhythm Matters
  174. Why Are You Creating?
  175. How To Counteract Failure
  176. Disagreement vs Tension
  177. What Schwarzenegger And Trumbo Have In Common
  178. Working Your Muscles Is Like Brushing Your Teeth
  179. How A Haircut Can Change Your Life
  180. Prove Yourself By Smiling When You Fail
  181. The 5 R’s
  182. Apple vs FBI
  183. Learning From The Most Successful NFL Coach Of All Times
  184. Your Temperament vs Your Brains
  185. What I Learnt From Revenge
  186. How To Get a Reality Check
  187. You Need a Plan Even When You Want To Do Nothing
  188. The One Who Cares Less Wins
  189. If You Are The Smartest Person In The Room Then You Are Dumb
  190. The World Does Not Owe You Shit
  191. Failure Does Not Take Away Your Right To Try
  192. The Smarter Your Phone, The Dumber You Probably Are
  193. You Are A Walking Talking Brand
  194. 15 Lessons From Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success (book)
  195. 19 Principles From What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars (book)
  196. Service Means Human Connection
  197. Would You Go Out With Yourself?
  198. Why You Can Never Retire
  199. Why Do You Second Guess Yourself?
  200. The Hypnotic Distortion Of The Crowd – The Monkey See, Monkey Do Effect
  201. To Lead Or To Follow – The Choices You Have
  202. Novelty vs Normalcy. The Honeymoon Period Does Not Last
  203. Shhh Silence. Let Me Shoo Away The Person Who Wants To Pay Me
  204. This Is The Most Undervalued And Underrated Way Of Making Products Better
  205. “What Should I Do With My Life?”
  206. The Psychology Of Ego
  207. Singapore versus Delhi. My Perspective
  208. What’s The Story? Good Products Work. Great Products Become Part Of Your Story! (book)
  209. What’s Your Chitter Chatter?
  210. Living A Rich Life Requires Accepting A Rich Life
  211. Act As An Exemplar
  212. and Sold The Exact Same Products, But Ruelala Sold For $350 Million. Why? (book)
  213. 16 Business Lessons From Jay-Z (book)
  214. Start Something That Matters (book)
  215. The Joy of Others Success Can Multiply Your Own
  216. How Sensitive Are You?
  217. The 1-Minute Rule
  218. Does Your Customer Have a Name?
  219. The Power Of Your Intent – How Bad Do You Want It?
  220. When You Stress – Is It Eustress or Distress?
  221. Are You Happy At Work? Lets Look At What Science Says You Need To Be Happy
  222. 1 Big Mistake Of Yours Can Wipe Out A Long String Of Successes
  223. Is It Better To Wear Out or Rust Out?
  224. If You Were A Beggar, How Would You Survive?
  225. What Kind Of Infectious Contagion Are You?
  226. Ups and Downs – You Are A Pendulum
  227. The Reason Why You Procrastinate And 3 Things You Can Do About It
  228. Chimps Made More Rational Decisions Than Humans 72% Of The Time
  229. What Is So Hard About What You Do?
  230. Giving Up, Then Starting Over, Then Giving Up, Then Starting Over. The 1 Solution To This Psychological Trap
  231. Forgiveness Not Guilt Makes You Correct Your Mistakes
  232. If Feeling Bad Was The Solution There Would Be No More Fat People In This World
  233. Dopamine Drives You To Chase Desire Which Can Destroy You
  234. 5 Ways To Maintain Self Control When Your Mind Gives You Permission To Be Bad
  235. What Would Happen If You Had 0 Self Control? 3 Tips To Control Your Mind
  236. 4-year old kids that had more self control were more popular and handled stress better ten years later.
  237. How to Have The Right Attitude to Learning
  238. Are you doing justice to your friendships?
  239. Is your product for “everyone”?
  240. Is fortune the answer to life’s riddles?
  241. Do your “thoughts” really define your life?
  242. Can you be happier by looking at life as a system?
  243. Is it worth attending Startup Weekends?
  244. How many lead your team?
  245. Batting tips from Sachin Tendulkar
  246. How to think about batting like the Indian Cricket Team
  247. How to deadlift twice your bodyweight in 6-hours
  248. How you can improve as a cricketer
  249. Keep Looking, Don’t Settle! (video)
  250. Why running a marathon is like running a business.
  251. How to find the best name for your business?